Demo Table
Cycle Lengths Variable programming for cleaning floor, walls, and waterline
Cable length 50 ft
Supply Voltage AC100~240V,50-60Hz
Buoy Installed load 19 W, 24 V,0.8A
U.S. Mesh 40
Pumping Rate 635.5 ft³/hour
Motor Protection IP69
Moving Speed 16.5 yd/min
Filter Box Size 6 Liter
Package Size 43 x 24.5 x 16 inches
Weight of Cleaner 40 lbs

Cleaning buoy with high-power motor:

  • Clean up litter on the water
  • Transmit Bluetooth /WiFi signal
Table Example
Cleaning buoy parameter
Filter medium Filter screen
Filtration capacity 105gal/min
Motor power 25W

Cleaning buoy:

Signal buoy:
Transmit Bluetooth /WiFi signal

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